Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Oasis Academy Skinner Street receives shining Ofsted report

Oasis Academy Skinner Street receives shining Ofsted report
Ella Marett-Gregory

Staff, pupils, and parents at Oasis Academy Skinner Street are celebrating as they continue to be a ‘Good’ school in all areas. The academy has been praised in every aspect across the board.

Highlights from the report include:

·         “’Pupils appreciate the polite and respectful way that staff speak with them and say this makes them want to be polite too.”

·         “Parents, including those whose children had joined the school recently, told inspectors that they felt very welcomed within the school community.”

·         “Since her appointment in September 2019, the headteacher, with support from the multi-academy trust, has set about transforming the school.”

·         “Staff support children to manage their emotions and to develop a positive sense of self, right from the start.”

·         “Staff have the training needed to support pupils who have experienced difficulties early in their lives. Consequently, all pupils are now able to learn in a calm, safe and happy environment.”

Ofsted highlighted that the reading curriculum is a strength of the school, saying “The teaching of reading is well prioritised within the school. Leaders have implemented a rigorous and systematic phonics programme. Staff are well trained and have the expertise that they need to teach all pupils to read, reading high-quality texts to pupils on a daily basis to help them develop their love of reading.”

Oasis Academy Skinner Street was previously inspected in July 2016 where it became a ‘Good’ school.

Looking at the school’s curriculum, Ofsted inspectors praised the academy for the new curriculum implemented for each subject and in its early years provision, saying; “The curriculum has been planned and sequenced very carefully. As a result, pupils, particularly those who are disadvantaged and those with special educational needs and/or disabilities, are acquiring the knowledge and skills that they need to succeed in later life. Although pupils had only recently started on the new curriculum, they were able to explain to inspectors what they had learned since the start of this academic year.”

Victoria Richmond, Principal at Oasis Academy Skinner Street, commented on the glowing report saying; “We are grateful to Ofsted for this very positive and helpful report which accurately reflects what our staff, students and parents know – this is a ‘Good’ school that cares about the community it serves and is dedicated to supporting our students to achieve their very best. We are particularly pleased that inspectors noted the pride our pupils take in their work and their enthusiasm for the opportunities we provide.”

“We would like to thank the pupils, staff, parents and members of the community who continue to support us on our journey to provide amazing education to the young people in our care.”

Inspectors were impressed with the safeguarding arrangements within the academy saying, “Leaders have ensured that all staff are trained to identify pupils in need of early help and who are at risk of harm or being harmed. In addition, staff are trained well to support pupils who have experienced trauma. Staff understand how pupils’ experiences affect their emotions and behaviour.”