Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Chair for our Hub Council

Chair for our Hub Council
Jen Lewis

As Oasis we are committed to working with and alongside local communities with the aim of bringing about individual and community transformation. Our model for achieving our aim is the Oasis Hub.  

The Oasis Community Hub model brings together and integrates all our work in a local community to ensure that people’s needs are addressed holistically and locally.  In a local community we deliver services and partner with others to provide integrated care and support to all, across our core themes of community development, education, housing, advice & support, personal & spiritual development, health & wellbeing and social action & campaigning.

However, we are not primarily a service provider. We seek to become part of the community and to put relationship and connection at the heart of all that we do. We therefore work with and alongside local people to bring about change – which is where you come in.

People are the most important asset in a community. Building relationships and connection with people is at the heart of the Oasis model. Therefore, volunteers are the critical element that will make our Hubs and communities thrive.


Hub Councils are open to anyone who is committed to seeing the Oasis vision become a reality in communities they have a genuine heart for. Hub Councils are participatory, giving people support and opportunity to shape their communities and influence the local Oasis movement.


We are looking for people who are:

-      Enthusiastic 

-      Committed to the Oasis vision and mission in their community

-      Keen to be practically involved in the development of the Hub and Academy

-      Keen to be an advocate for Oasis in the community 

-      Available to take part in meetings and to deliver Hub Gathering events 

-      Passionate to transform their community 


For more information please email lara.fisher@oasisuk.org