Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Parent Partnership

As part of our community partnerships, we strive to work alongside our academy families in every way we can. Increased parental participation in school life leads to improved pupil progress, punctuality, attendance and behaviour, and so it is in the interests of our whole academy family to work towards making these relationships as strong as they can be.

On this page, you're able to read out about the existing work we are doing to engage with our parents and carers, and discover upcoming opportunities to get involved in school life.

To keep up to date with all events in school, please view our website calendar HERE

You said... We did...
It would help to have more notice of events and payments for budgeting and for booking time off to attend events. We have produced a plan of events for the academic year ahead to share with all parents / carers. All events can be seen on the school calendar on the academy website, and details of events are shared with the relevant classes via letters sent on MYCAS. Payments will be set up on MYCAS for all relevant events across the academic year to allow for payments to be made at any time before the cut-off date, either in full, or in instalments.
Before and afterschool childcare offered by the academy, would support parents / carers and pupils. Breakfast club has been offered for some time, allowing pupils to attend from 07:45hrs Mon-Fri during term time. From Monday 12th September 2022, we are providing the offer of afterschool childcare for pupils until 17:30, Mon – Fri during term time.
Subsidising the cost of trips and activities would really help. Our pupils have chosen to spend the last week of every term participating in various fundraising events, and all money received will be used to support activities for pupils.
Pupils would benefit from a wide range of extra-curricular clubs to develop their skills and experiences We have successfully offered pupils the opportunity to attend afterschool clubs, free of charge, and will continue to do so for the next academic year.

You said...We did... TERM 4

We appreciated being given the choice of parent meetings being held face to face or via the telephone We are continuing to offer both options so in Term 4, parents/carers can book via MCAS a meeting in person with the class teacher on Wednesday 1st March, or they can email the relevant year group email address and request a telephone appointment. The class teacher will then reply confirming the date and time of the telephone call.   
We would like more opportunities to become involved with the academy and to see our children’s work and efforts

 At the end of every term, parents are invited to Open Class from 15:25 – 16:00hrs so parents/carers can come into the classroom and see for themselves what their child has been working on.  Each term there are Parent/carer workshops offered for every class, where parents/carers are invited to join their child in the classroom and participate in an activity together. Each term there is a class assembly and parents/carers are invited to watch the children perform. We successfully ran our first Volunteer Reading Training which is being repeated on 7th March.  This will enable parents/carers to listen to our pupils read and develop their skills.

New parent and carer meetings

At the end of each term, we are pleased to welcome new families to the academy in to meet with staff and find out more about our academy. This is an opportunity for them to ask any questions they may have and familiarise themselves with academy leaders. Our next 'New parent and carer meeting' will take place on... Monday 27th March 2023 at 14:30 hrs.

How can you get involved in academy life?

Our parents and carers are actively encouraged to join in with academy life, and we want to make this as accessible as possible for all.

Two ways in which you can support our academy community and get involved with school life are by:

  1. Joining us on school trips

Thank you to the parents and carers who joined us on Thursday 11th October to visit Fort Amherst. Our pupils had a brilliant experience.

2. Volunteering to support with reading in classrooms

If you are able to support our academy by volunteering your time, please contact our academy office to express your interest and they will help to guide you through the process.

3. Academy Parent/carer workshops

Each week, a different year group invite parents/ carers  to join their children to participate in class activities together. These workshops are bookable via the parent app - My Child at School.

Feedback has been positive so far!

"Lovely time this afternoon. Enjoyed seeing what my son was up to- look forward to the next one"   

" Think its a fantastic idea to get the parents involved with the kids"