Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

House Groups

As part of our strong links to local History and the community, did you know the origins of our 4 house names, all of which can be found at Chatham dockyard?

·         Ocelot (Yellow) is named after HMS OCELOT, a Cold War Submarine

·         Cavalier (Red) is named after HMS CAVALIER, a Second World War Destroyer

·         Gannet (Blue) is named after HMS GANNET, a Victorian Sloop.

·         Trafalgar  (Green) is named after HMS TRAFALGAR, Royal Navy Ship


We use Houses to foster a sense of community and belonging and they are used throughout the year in various ways:

·         Weekly house point totals

·         Interhouse events such as Sports Day


Pupils can wear a house colour T-shirt (with or without the academy logo) for PE and at interhouse events such as Sports day. If you are unsure which house your child is in, please email the relevant year group email for confirmation.