Principal's Welcome

We are proud to be Oasis Academy Skinner Street and we are proud to be a Primary school in the heart of Gillingham. Medway born and bred, it is my privilege to serve both the Academy and the Community as Principal. We understand the transformational nature of education and as an Oasis Academy we are passionate to achieve Exceptional Education at the heart of our Community. My personal and professional drive is to ensure that all the children in our care receive the attention, focus and expectations that will lead them to happy, fulfilling and successful lives. From the children in reception taking their first footsteps in their educational journey to those in Year 6, about to embark on the next chapter of theirs, we know that they deserve the very best.

Community is at the very heart of Oasis Academy Skinner Street. We run a Hub that provides opportunities not only to the children, but also to parents, carers and residents in our local area. Creating safe and inspiring local neighbourhoods that provide integrated and diverse services to benefit the whole person and the whole community. Our community has been through so many changes in the last few decades, but now there are signs of growth and regeneration. The Dockyard has been transformed and there are opportunities in Gillingham that just weren’t there before. We are incredibly well placed to ensure that our children can learn and benefit from these opportunities. We need to ensure that they are open to ALL and as an Oasis Academy we believe in; a passion to include everyone; a desire to treat everyone equally, respecting differences; a commitment to healthy and open relationships; a deep sense of hope that things can change and be transformed; a sense of perseverance to keep going for the long haul.

We are community- we are relationships. We are unique- we are inclusive. We are enjoyment- we are perseverance. We are hope- we are future.We are Oasis Academy Skinner Street.    Mr. Dan Morrow, Principal

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